NTS Launches Online Instructor-Led Training

NTS Launches Online Instructor-Led Training
Posted: Sep 11, 2018
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Online Instructor-Led Training courses allow you to get the full benefit of a live instructor teaching a course without the travel time or expense! Interact with your instructor, ask questions, and download course material all from the comfort of your home or office.

Below, you will find the schedule for Online Instructor-Led Training courses for the remainder of the year. For more information on a course or to register, please click on the corresponding class date. 


**Please check with your local chapter regarding OILT offerings and approvals in your state.** 

2018 OILT Course Schedule

Certified Alarm Technician Level One
September 24-26
October 22-24
November 12-14
December 12-14

Fire Alarm Installation Methods
October 29-30
December 17-18

Electronic Access Control
October 11-12
November 28-29

Professional Fire Alarm Design
October 9-10
December 3-4

Texas Residential Fire Alarm
September 28
October 25
November 29
December 19

Life Safety Code
October 16
December 21

Video System Technologies
November 1-2


What is OILT?

Online Instructor Led Training (OILT) uses video conferencing to provide the experience of a live instructor led training class from anywhere you have a computer and a webcam. Using the Zoom conferencing tool, you can:

  • See high quality video of all participants.
  • See the training presentation Slides.
  • Take quizzes and practice exams.
  • Interact with the instructor or other participants over the phone.

How is OILT like Live Training?

OILT classes allow you to enjoy the same experience of a live training from the comfort of your home or office. OILT has the following similarities:

  • Expertise: Classes are taught by industry veterans that can provide their real-world experience and knowledge to the classroom.
  • Engagement: Students can interact over chat and the phone to allow communication just like you were sitting in a room. This allows for collaborative conversations to organically occur during training.
  • Exercises: Students will be able to perform exercise and then share their results with the group for discussion.

What are the Advantages of OILT

While OILT classes are very similar to Live classroom-based instruction, there are some advantageous differences:

  • No Travel Costs: You can attend training from your home or office.
  • More Flexible Times: OILT can be offered at night or in smaller more frequent session such as 4 hours a day instead of 8.
  • Practice Exams and Quizzes: OILT courses use the same quizzes and practice exams from the online courses, allowing you to better prepare for the exam.
  • Better Availability: Since OILT classes do not have a physical location, it is easier to attract attendees from a larger area. This allows upper level classes like FAIM and PFAD to reach attendance requirements faster.





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