Meet Chris Mosley, ESA's 43rd President

Meet Chris Mosley, ESA's 43rd President
Posted: Jun 21, 2018
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In 1978, Chris Mosley returned home to New Jersey after attempting to make a go of farming in West Virginia. Chris’ father, George, had been in the electronic security industry for over 30 years and encouraged his son to give the industry a try. After moving home, he took a job working for a national security company, but Chris had dreams of growing something from the ground up. After all, he did grow up on a farm. So, five years later, he founded Complete Security Systems, Inc.

Today, CSS is one of the largest, independent, full-service security and fire alarm companies in New Jersey; providing services in the state, as well as in New York and surrounding areas.

With a vow to listen, provide quality — and take care of customers like family — Chris and CSS have a proven success record in their market.

Chris’ father George, wife Lillian, and children Luke and Lauren are all involved in the company. Aside from his nuclear family, it’s clear all employees of CSS are part of something more — a family, you could say.

Large commercial projects account for a significant amount of the CSS portfolio and thousands of customers trust them for protection, detection, and response. CSS services high-end residential clients and some of New Jersey’s largest commercial and industrial facilities. The company has also seen an increase in major redevelopment projects and multi-family buildings.

In addition to Chris’ responsibilities as CEO, father, and husband, he is also set to take the oath as ESA President at ESX 2018 in Nashville. He will serve a two-year term, beginning July 2018 through June 2020.

Chris’ passion for helping others, his commitment to excellence, and drive will undoubtedly be assets that accompany his leadership style.

“He is a passionate person in everything he does,” says Lance Brooks, an employee at CSS, who has worked with Chris for 19 years. “He has a magnetic personality.”

Chris enjoys doing what he can to help others. He is said to be the happiest when he is working with people, whether they be fellow business owners, homeowners, or industry colleagues.

“Chris knows what it takes to roll up your sleeves and get to work,” says Dee Ann Harn, vice president of ESA. “It’s evident in the way he’s built his business.”

He is an active board member and volunteer for The Community YMCA, helping to ensure that all children have the opportunity to experience the outdoors and attend camp in his local community.

In 2015, the organization established the “Chris Mosley Volunteer Achievement Award.”

As an active and involved member of the industry, Chris is perfectly poised to sit at the helm as the association’s president.

“I am very confident in the drive and ability of my successor,” says Angela White, president of ESA. “Chris is a remarkable person, businessman, and friend.”

Chris has been an active leader in the industry for quite some time, participating on association boards and committees over the years.

He was instrumental in getting licensure approved in the state of New Jersey — an initiative that took 17 years to get approved, and was vital to strengthening the quality of service and installation in the state.

Chris has been an active member in ESA’s New Jersey chapter (NJESA) as the president and currently serves as director/vice president. His company is also the only one in New Jersey to have received NJESA’s Dealer of the Year three times.

“Our association — and the influence we can have as a cohesive industry voice — is pretty powerful,” says Mosley.

In his new role, Chris aims to drive the association’s cascade initiative forward — ensuring successful implementation — and to drive growth in membership, he says.

Believe it or not, with a very full plate, Chris still finds time to get back to his roots: farming.

He recently started a new endeavor in agriculture and hopes to preserve farmland for the future.



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