Leaning into Excellence

Leaning into Excellence
Posted: May 23, 2019
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By Merlin Guilbeau, IOM- Executive Director & CEO of ESA

Warren Buffet. Mark Cuban. Bill Gates. What do they all have in common? They all share a thirst for learning — they are all avid consumers of information. The fact is, most successful people are. 

ESX’s educational sessions are by far the greatest best practices-sharing opportunity I’ve experienced in our industry.

And although ESA and TMA come together to drive the price of education down to bring this extremely powerful experience to the masses of our industry, we have some who believe they don’t need to continue learning. This mindset is a dangerous one.

With new entrants in our space each and every day, and consumer demand constantly shifting — I believe you can never stop studying best practices for serving both the residential and commercial markets.

This year we’ll talk about reducing truck rolls and how to better serve our customers, better listen to our employees —and how to become smarter about improving cash flow.

We’ll talk about managing online reputations, company culture, what KPI’s you need to be watching and data risks.

Buffett said, “Knowledge builds up, like compound interest.”

And this isn’t just applicable to the very tactical topics the ESX seminars tackle. It’s also applicable to leadership development — like that you’d experience on the event’s main stage.

I suppose this is what sets #PassionateSecurity professionals apart — those professionals who are thirsty to continually develop, evolve and hone their craft. Those who take very seriously their role in helping to spread a sense of security and deter crime.

Buffet also said of consistent learning, “All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will.”

It’s hard to get away from the office.

It’s hard to put the day-today on hold to take a step back and evaluate where you, your department, or your company can evolve. But it is necessary.

It’s not just something you can do online at your desk with your phone ringing and meeting reminders dinging. It’s something that deserves your full attention, thoughtfulness and energy.

Excellence isn’t something you dip your toe into. You lean into it — all the way. I hope your reading this article in Indy, where #PassionateSecurity professionals will gather to push each other to be better and lean into excellence. 

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