Kasey Taught Me — Koorsen's Fire & Life Safety Dogs Save Lives

Kasey Taught Me — Koorsen's Fire & Life Safety Dogs Save Lives
Posted: May 30, 2018
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by Ándria Morgan - MarCom Specialist

STOP, DROP, and ROLL. A concept we are all too familiar with. One that most of us learned as children in school or with our parents. Such a basic concept, that does exactly what it needs to do: remind you of the proper procedure in the event of a fire.

So how do you expand on it? Well, here’s one idea that’s proven successful. Incorporate 2-3 Labrador Retrievers to demonstrate stop, drop and roll — and other fire and life safety concepts — and you have yourself an engaged audience.

After the passing of his nephew, Jeff Owens and his wife took home a special pup for comfort. The two didn’t know at the time, but this dog would offer so much more than a soothing nuzzle during difficult times — this dog would be the first Kasey, leading a legacy of life saving pups.

The Kasey Program, a non-profit program sponsored by ESA Member Company, Koorsen Fire & Security, began small in 1994, and has now grown into a successful nationally recognized program that has traveled to over 20 states and has taught more than 5 million children.

In his 31 years as a firefighter, Jeff was always asked to teach fire safety at his son’s school. On a whim one time, Jeff brought Kasey with him, because as a house dog, Kasey was already learning sit, lay and roll over — which he soon realized was essentially stop, drop and roll. And this is where the idea of the Kasey Program began.

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