How this One Member Benefit Can Help Recoup More than Double Your Member Dues

How this One Member Benefit Can Help Recoup More than Double Your Member Dues
Posted: Jan 3, 2018
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Ever compare dollar-for-dollar your membership’s annual fees vs. the savings it brings you? For now, let’s just compare it against ONE of the many member benefits that you and your company’s employees are entitled to by being a member of ESA.

ESA unveiled its Member Savings Program back in 2013. 

Since, the program has been focused on maximizing your purchasing power on everyday operational expenses. Leveraging the collective buying power of this group alliance has allowed ESA members to save thousands of dollars on products and services they were already purchasing.

When registering for the Member Savings Program, you are joining a group that represents over 150 trade associations and the buying power of a collective 250,000 member companies.

You will purchase from suppliers as you normally would. Pay them as you normally would — the only difference is, now you are part of a large alliance that affords you national account pricing.

Members who choose to take advantage of these savings may be able to recoup more than double their membership dues.

Over 350 members have utilized the program to date, collectively saving over $550,000.

This is a value-add benefit for members, helping to offset the monies spent on membership dues year over year. Just like anything else in life that’s worth something, you or someone from your company will need to commit some time signing up to begin reaping the benefits.

There will be some vendors that are a match made in heaven for your business!

Programs like this are designed to put money back in your pocket. If I put myself in your shoes, the only question that remains at this point is…where do I sign up? 

STEP 1: Head over to www.membersavingsprogram.com/ESA

STEP 2: Click register now and complete the registration form.

STEP 3: You’ll receive an email with a secure username and password for the program.

STEP 4: Log in and start saving




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