ESX and ESA Leadership Summit — Registrations Launch for 2018 Must-Attend Events in the Midst of Budgeting Season

ESX and ESA Leadership Summit — Registrations Launch for 2018 Must-Attend Events in the Midst of Budgeting Season
Posted: Nov 29, 2017
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It’s about that time. You’re budgeting for 2018 — and some initiatives are making the cut, while others are not. As competition in the market becomes more fierce each day, you must rely on your employees to drive your unique value and exceed customer expectations. 

Don’t let professional development line items, get passed by this budgeting season. It may be the most vital time to invest in your employees and the future of your company.

In 2018, ESA is offering two must-attend events for education, networking and quality vendor contact.  

ESA Leadership Summit - February 12-15, Savannah, GA
Register at: www.ESA-Summit.com

ESA’s Leadership Summit is an executive-level conference, featuring dynamic speakers from outside the industry, one-on-one meetings with event sponsors, leadership-oriented educational sessions, and personalized networking experiences.

The event invests significant resources in searching for, vetting, and bringing in these experts from other fields and industries. These professionals are able to offer unique perspectives on marketing, sales training, employee recruitment, cyber security and more to deliver to the event’s audience of industry leaders a fresh way of confronting common obstacles.

This event provides leaders in the industry valuable knowledge that will strengthen their leadership, give business insight, and help grow their companies as they start the new year off right.

Attendees and the event’s vendor sponsors are able interact in one-on-one meetings that can be scheduled in advance. Many attendees also use the event’s unique networking tool to schedule meetings with other integrators/dealers to discuss best practices. This event’s networking tool makes it a uniquely efficient program.

Deliberate and successful leadership is not innate.It is learned. The Leadership Summit hones and develops these skills for those in the industry who strive for more.

Executives from the electronic security and life safety industry who are focused on growth — gather here to link with each other, learn keys to success from other industries, and develop their leadership skill set.This is where the industry’s brightest minds learn to take their teams and those who depend on them to the next level.


ESX - June 19-22 in Nashville, TN
Register at: www.ESXweb.com

Co-owned by The Monitoring Association (TMA) and the Electronic Security Association (ESA), the Electronic Security Expo (ESX) is an event delivering an expo with nearly 200 vendors, team-building opportunities, and what many have boasted as the strongest peer-to-peer educational programming in the industry. 

Open exclusively to the electronic security and life safety industry, ESX is designed to allow passionate professionals the ability to learn more, share more, and interact more. With an attendee base of decision makers from within the industry, collaboration is sparked within interactive sessions focusing on co-creation, innovation and brainstorming new business approaches — allowing professionals to return the office with actionable advice. 

ESX’s expo isn't a badge scan and go experience. Each year, ESX aims to be large enough to see new products and services in all relevant categories, but intimate enough to have QUALITY CONVERSATIONS. Here, you won't just hear rattled off product features. 

Come prepared to tap exhibitors for advice on marketing, sales, installation training, merchandising and more. Since ESX is open exclusively to electronic security and life safety professionals, exhibitors are able to better target their conversations, allowing for a more focused experience for both parties.

It’s time to rethink what an industry event should offer — learn more, share more, and interact more at ESX 2018.

So, how do they stack up?
Both are a must. 



ESX represents an extremely productive and enriching team-building experience, the Leadership Summit offers leadership training for veteran and rising leaders from your company.

The good news is, registration for both must-attend electronic security and life safety events is now available —  in budgeting season. For less than $500, professionals in the channel can get access to both!



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