Dahua’s ePoE Solutions

Dahua’s ePoE Solutions
Posted: Oct 10, 2018
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Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that transmits data and power simultaneously to networked devices, such as IP cameras or back-end devices. Because you can supply power and transmit data via a single cable, installation and procurement costs are significantly lowered, making it an attractive option for many. Unfortunately, this technology is a bit from perfect. PoE has a limited transmission distance of only 100 meters; longer transmission distances require additional “switches” increasing installation and maintenance costs. Dahua’s unique enhanced Power over Ethernet (ePoE) solves this issue, allowing for the same transmission of data and power but over greater distances.

What is enhanced Power over Ethernet?

ePoE is a patented solution created by Dahua that incorporates specialized algorithms to extend the reach of IP and analog cameras. ePoE cameras and NVRs are standard ONVIF devices that easily incorporate into existing traditional PoE systems. The real innovations that ePoE technology offers, however, are the conversion of coaxial infrastructures to use the latest IP devices and the increased transmission distances over both coax and Ethernet cables.

ePoE for Analog

Analog video systems are commonly used for security systems thanks to convenient plug and play connections and no-delay transmissions. ePoE technology seamlessly integrates the latest high-definition IP cameras with a coaxial infrastructure using the Ethernet over Coaxial (EoC) protocol to convert between analog and IP power and data transmissions.  EoC uses a set of specialized converters that seamlessly integrate ePoE devices with existing coax cables, easily upgrading an analog system with the latest IP devices. This is a simple and effective solution that delivers plug and play installation, significantly reducing the cost of upgrading from analog to IP.

Long Distance Transmission

ePoE devices deliver long distance power and data transmission systems whether in an analog infrastructure or as part of a complete ePoE solution. ePoE devices connect to back-end devices via a single Ethernet cable up to 800 meters in length, and connect devices via a single coaxial cable up to 1,000 meters in length without the need for any repeater devices. This solution extends IP transmissions by more than 8x over standard Ethernet cabling. The complete series includes cameras, NVR’s, switches, and converters for legacy infrastructures that easily integrate the latest IP technology with existing coaxial wiring. End-users can now enjoy the best of both worlds, slashing their installation costs while taking full advantage of pure IP high-definition video solutions.


ePoE has a wide range of benefits for both end-users and installing integrators alike. A complete ePoE system offers advantages that achieve up to a 30% cost-savings for end-users over traditional analog to IP upgrades:

  • Long-distance power and video transmissions replace the need for repeater devices or PoE switches in a system, significantly lowering costs.
  • Lower network cable specification requirements reduce overall cable costs.
  • Full network compatibility with common Ethernet technologies provide a healthy cost-savings by eliminating the need to upgrade existing devices.
  • Single cable transmission lowers the network cable fault rate, creating a more reliable system.
  • Seamlessly upgrade IP networks and reduce analog upgrade costs.
  • Power over Coax (PoC) eliminates the need to install separate power supply cabling to further simplify installations.

To achieve maximum benefits, use the full enhanced Power over Ethernet technology to create a complete ePoE solution, including cameras and back-end devices.  For end-users these solutions allow for major system upgrades while transmitting data across long distances, all at a low-cost. For installers, ePoE technologies save time and money by reducing the overall cabling requirements, taking advantage of existing coax, and minimizing the number of repeater devices needed.




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