Call for Action - Standards Involvement

Call for Action - Standards Involvement
Posted: Nov 8, 2017
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Your Voice Can Make a Difference

ESA Members can advocate and have a voice in codes and standards that impact their businesses by becoming members of the National Fire Protection Association.

There are many NFPA codes and standards that apply to the electronic security and life safety industry and as a NFPA Member you have voting privileges at the annual NFPA Technical Meeting held in June of each year.

ESA Encourages you to Join NFPA Now!
In June of 2018 there may be several voting items that could impact the industry. To vote at the 2018 meeting, an attendee must have been a member of NFPA by December 1, 2017, so time is of the essence.

The annual cost to belong to NFPA is $175 per individual and multiple employees can be members from a single company. Learn more about joining NFPA.

As ESA learns more about the ballot items at the NFPA 2018 annual meeting we will inform our members so that you can be prepared to vote in the best interest of your company.

Thank you for your support and action.

— The ESA Codes and Standards Committee

Please let us know if you, or your employees, are currently an NFPA member, or if you have joined because of this Call to Action by completing this form. 




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