A Continued Commitment to Association Growth and Development

A Continued Commitment to Association Growth and Development
Posted: Sep 5, 2018
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by Chris Mosley - ESA President

As I take office as your new ESA President, I’d like to start by extending gratitude to all of you who have congratulated me, all who have been an influence in my life and throughout my career, and most importantly — I would like to thank my family and my team for supporting me in this endeavor.

I firmly believe that with anything you do, you must go into it with a game plan. Circumstances may not allow your game plan to be executed exactly the way you mapped it out, but a plan helps establish a starting and ending point that can be adjusted along the way.

My intention will be to help build, evolve and grow this association in a way that enables it to effectively serve its members and the industry.

My term as president coincides with a new initiative in the works at ESA, coined the “Cascade Initiative.” Through this process, ESA staff and volunteer leadership have worked to address association strengths and weaknesses, and identify how we would like to see the association grow in the years to come.

The initiative driven by Secretary Steve Firestone, has a strong supporter in me. Seeing the impact this can have on our association fuels my passion for ensuring it is optimized and executed. And this is no easy task.

Through this process we have determined that as an association, we strive to be Engaging, Growing, Ever Present, Rewarding and Resourceful.

I am going into my term as president with these 5 core values in mind, and will always consider them first when deciding on new avenues for the association.

We owe it to our industry — to each other — to become engaged with our association. It is only through this collective grouping that we have the powerful voice of the industry. Together, we can make great things happen. So, I urge you to become involved. To allow your rising leaders to engage. To offer your expertise on a committee or task force. We need fresh ideas and new perspectives. We do ourselves and our industry that we all share a disservice, by not engaging with our association and it with us.

Growth of this association is my number one priority. We have power in numbers. At ESX in June, we conducted our first 2018 ESA Focus Group to better understand those who don’t choose to become members. We will more strategically market messages to these companies to fuel our membership numbers.

It is important that ESA is THE credible, relevant resource for all things in the electronic security and life safety industry. We continue to see an increase in engagement on the ESA website and social media platforms. Mass media outlets like Good Morning America, USA Today, the Today Show, the Wall Street Journal and CNN have secured us as an expert resource. And now, we must execute on continuing to be interviewed on issues that impact our society. I intend to support initiatives that highlight our expertise and drive awareness of our industry and our members.

The time you spend volunteering and participating in association events should be worthwhile. I would never ask you to participate in anything that does not provide value to you, your employees and your businesses. Furthermore, our ESA Staff members work diligently and passionately day and day out for our industry. We must ensure we have the best and brightest minds on our team. Therefore, I plan to support initiatives that make volunteering and working for this association a rewarding endeavor.

As a not-for-profit organization, we have a tall order. We must do more with less. ESA Staff members must wear many hats and we must support them in the best way we can. I will ensure our association is committed to operational excellence, so that membership dollars can have their most powerful impact.


I want to thank you again for your support. I eagerly await our opportunity to work together to accomplish great things in the next two years to come.



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