Executive Committee Appoints John Loud as VP

Executive Committee Appoints John Loud as VP
Posted: Jul 11, 2019
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John Loud, president of LOUD Security Systems, now serves as vice president of the ESA Executive Committee. The Committee appointed Loud to fill the role upon its vacancy after former Vice President Don Childers’s retirement.

Loud has worked in the electronic security industry for over 20 years and has been involved with the Association on a national and state level.

“I’m excited to be part of the national board, and to show what we can do in government advocacy, training, insurance and developing other tools to bring dealers more options to see what national can do for them,” says Loud. “I have great passion for the industry, and realize that together we can learn and do more. My company has grown by using resources provided by the Association [ESA] in Georgia and by national ESA, and I want to invite others to do the same.”

Loud has also served on four dealer advisory councils and is involved in his Georgia community, where he is a volunteer leader as chair-elect on the Board of Directors of the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce.

In his role as vice president of the ESA Executive Committee, Loud is excited to encourage collaboration for the advancement of the industry and ESA member companies.

“I’m a big fan of collaboration; together, we can learn and achieve more,” says Loud.

To read more about the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Committee, click here.

*This article was edited July 11 to correct terminology in the lead paragraph, which previously stated that Loud was elected to the VP position. Loud filled a vacancy left by Don Childers upon his retirement, therefore the role did not require an election to fill, and instead was filled by appointment made by the Executive Committee.



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