4 Very Real Reasons Your Rising Leaders Need to Be in Myrtle Beach in October

4 Very Real Reasons Your Rising Leaders Need to Be in Myrtle Beach in October
Posted: Aug 22, 2017
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by Robert Few - Rising Leaders Chairman

ARE YOU READY FOR AN ADVENTURE in leadership development, team building and mentorship?

Enter ESA’s Rising Leaders Forum, October 2-4 in Myrtle Beach, SC. This interactive, nonconventional 2-day forum caters specifically to the rising leaders of our industry. We have teamed up again with Terry Peters, Command Sergeant Major and Senior Enlisted Leader (retired) with the 3rd Special Forces Group and now CEO of Leader Solutions and Decision Support, LLC, to offer rising leaders an event unlike any other. Many of the other industry organizations have tried to mimic our format and presentation this past year, come see why they are all so interested in what we deliver!

Together we have developed programs to build leadership skills, teamwork and rapid decision-making skills. No longer are teachings confined to a classroom or meeting room, The Rising Leaders Forum delivers this information in a manner that allows you to absorb concrete knowledge and experience in an active and changing environment.

100% of the attendees of the first Rising Leaders Forum surveyed, rated the event positively. And out of all the respondents, 100% were looking forward to returning this year. That is an overwhelming statistic!

If you have rising leaders in your organization or if you are a rising leader making your way up the ladder, here are some very real reasons for organizations to support employee growth:

1. Professional Leadership programs not only attract great employees, but growth and continued support are rated as the highest retention initiatives to keep great employees.

2. It is a relatively cost effective benefit. Keeping great employees engaged is far more beneficial to your bottom line than continuously having to replace the turnover.

3.  It helps foster loyalty and boosts your company’s reputation!

4. Employees who participate in development programs, specifically the Rising Leaders Forum, come back to work more engaged than ever, and with great tools to support the overall business.

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