4 Tricks to Optimize Your Sales Cycle for Increased Customer Satisfaction

4 Tricks to Optimize Your Sales Cycle for Increased Customer Satisfaction
Posted: Mar 13, 2019
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You strive to provide customers with the best security solutions possible, but are you fully satisfying their customer experience? You might have offered a customer the solution of their dreams, but if it took you too long, they went with another installer. Or perhaps you finished up a job and never planned on checking back in. What if their system has complications?

Are they going to recommend your services to their peers?

Exceptional customer service can be overlooked, especially if you’re in the day-to-day trenches. Don’t forget about the importance customers place on experience! An estimated 86% of buyers will pay a premium for great customer experience. In addition, by the year 2020, it’s projected that customer experience will overpower price and product as a key brand differentiator.¹

So, how can you increase customer satisfaction? Optimizing your sales cycle is a good place to start, as it makes for a seamless and valuable customer experience. Here are four tricks.


1) Cut down time finding and comparing products

How do you select products for your customers? Are you confident those products are exactly what they need? Instead of guessing on the best product or searching through websites or catalogs, a product selector tool makes it easy to filter searches and compare products. On top of saving time, you will more likely choose the perfect products – giving your customers the solution they want!


2) Efficiently plan and design a site for your customers’ exact needs

Even if you’re a pro, it can take a significant amount of time and energy to figure out where each camera should go. How much is that costing you operationally? There’s nothing wrong with using design tools to help you out. Some tools can effectively manage the entire design process. Tools like this can provide a sense of force multipliers, so your workers can optimize their efforts for each project.


3) Prepare for a seamless installation

Installing video surveillance solutions can be difficult. For larger installations, it can be daunting to configure each camera one by one. Minimize costly mistakes and save valuable time with an installation tool that can import all configurations directly to the video management software. When you leave the job, you can give customers full assurance that their system is up and running to their standards.


4) Take advantage of post-sales opportunities

Once you’re done with an installation, the relationship with your customer shouldn’t end! Are their systems working 24/7? Take full advantage of system monitoring for increased customer satisfaction and additional revenue streams. System maintenance might seem like a small add to your business model, but it’s a big deal to customers who don’t want to think about managing their solution.


Great customer experience is the key to increasing customer retention, satisfaction and revenue.¹ Adding tools to each step of your sales cycle will help you choose the best products, design sites effectively, seamlessly configure products to give the stamp of approval and provide value-adds upon completion, such as system monitoring. In addition, the operational efficiencies will help your business save resources with each job. It’s a win-win!

Wondering where to start on your search for tools? Sometimes your manufacturer has tools to help you out! Discover Axis Communications’ full range of tools at www.axis-communications.com/tools/esa-1903.


¹ Kulbyte, Toma. 37 Customer Experience Statistics You Need to Know for 2019. 4 March 2019. <https://www.superoffice.com/blog/customer-experience-statistics/>.



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