Bylaws Amendments

The documents below are provided to give members complete information regarding the proposed Bylaws amendments that would change the ESA governance structure.

If you have any questions regarding information contained in these documents or specific amendments, please contact ESA at 972.807.6815 or Chris.Heaton@ESAweb.org.

We will make every effort to get you additional information or answer any questions you may have.

Executive Summary – The executive summary is a one page review of the background involved in creating the proposed governance model and the primary differences between the current governance structure and the model that is proposed through the Bylaws Amendments.

Proposed Governance Model Approved by the Board of Directors – This paper provides an overview of the Governance structure that was extensively studied, debated and ultimately approved by the Board of Directors in June 2016. It is the product of collaboration, discussion and debate among volunteer leaders within the Governance Task Force (GTF) who dedicated over 600 hours to create this model.

Pros and Cons – A simple grid identifying the ‘pros and cons’ of the current and proposed governance models, as outlined by the GTF.

Frequently Asked Questions – These FAQ’s were identified through the numerous inquiries and questions that arose during Chartered Chapter meetings, Board meetings and a Chapter Leaders webinar.  The questions have hyperlinks that will direct readers to the specific changes in the amended bylaws that address the question. 

Proposed AMENDED AND RESTATED Bylaws – Redlined – This is a copy of the Bylaws with all changes red-lined for the reader to see what specific changes were made to create the new governance model.

Proposed AMENDED AND RESTATED Bylaws – Clean – This is a copy of the Bylaws with all the changes accepted and what they will be if approved by the membership.

ESA Election - What to Know Before You Vote

Changes to ESA Governance Model

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